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DUO for 2D multitouch surface?


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i dont know where to post exactly, so i decided to put it here..

Can the DUO be used to recognize multi fingered touch events on a 2D glass surface??

The DUO should stand in a table and look straight up to the glass plate where the projected background of a PC is shown. Now i want to use the PC with touch events like clicking, moving mouse, etc..
But with the DUO as recognition system..

Does it work??

If so, is it easy to implement??

Thanks in advance..


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Hi Ernie,

The DUO can be used to recognize multi-fingers as we demonstrated in our https://duo3d.com/showcase video named “Sparse3D - Precise Point Tracking”.
As far as DUO being behind the glass, you might have to resolve some reflection issues.
To implement finger detection/tracking you can use DUO API. You may want to look for example at http://ccv.nuigroup.com/ CCV code for a practical implementation of this.