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DUO API/SDK - Developer Preview


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This DUO API/SDK v0.5.4.15 is a preview release intended to give users access to the Dashboard application and initial API/SDK structure. The software presented is subject to change with future releases and new features will be added as we go.

Please be patient as we roll this initial release out. Initially we are focused on stable Windows release and shortly after we will make the OSX/Linux packages available.

- Release Notes

- Windows Qt 5 Dashboard Application
- All sensors exposed through a simplified C/C++ API
- OS Drivers and Device Support
- DUO API Documentation and Samples
- Stay tuned to the developers page for updates at duo3d.com/developers

We need your feedback to make DUO great, so send any questions, comments or feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

See you in the signals!

The DUO Team