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Dashboard App


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The Dashboard Applications acts as a host to DUO related CV applications. To get started using it refer to this article: http://duo3d.com/docs/articles/dashboard#TheDashboard

We currently ship with the following Apps:

Calibration - Provides simple interface for calibrating camera intrinsics used in depth reconstruction.
Camera - Displays active sensors information both Camera frames and if present the accelerameter data.
Stereo - Simple application that demonstrates depth reconstruction via standard OpenCV block matching algorithm.




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Hi, I realized that the functionality of recording the Camera App do not record the IMU data (DUO MLX have an IMU). Could you add this feature storing the IMU data in a second file time synced with the video? It will be great!

In addition, I noticed that the DUO Dashboard can not start when the DDK unit is not connected to a screen when it booted. I discovered this problem by using the X11 (VNC) remote desktop. Could you change it please?

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Hi Gustavo,

Have you seen our post related to our DUO driver for ROS? Recording data with ROS is easy and you can do exactly what you asked.