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Flickering images using C++ SDK


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I’m encountering heavy image flickering issues when grabbing images using the C++ x64 SDK.
I tried the provided OpenCV sample code, and I’ve got the exact same issue (on left and right images).
When using the dashboard app, the image is perfect, and the only difference I see is that it is compiled in a 32bits version.

Could you help me fix this issue, which makes the DUO camera unusable for me,


PS: here are my sensor/config infos:
DUOLib Version:    v1.1.0.30
DUO Device Name:    ‘DUO Mini Camera’
DUO Firmware Version: v1.1.0.30
DUO Firmware Build:  Apr 19 2018 @ 09:38:00
OS: Windows 10
IDE: Visual Studio 2017