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Exposure ramps up and down in bright (outdoor) conditions


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When we use our DUO MLX indoor, the auto-exposure mechanism works fine. But when we take the camera outside, the exposure values start ramping up and down with a frequency of about 1 Hz. It feels very much like a feedback loop. Of course, these continuous and fast brightness changes cause our visual-inertial odometry algorithm to fail.

It happens with lenses that have an IR filter, and with lenses that don’t have one. It also happens in the DUO Dashboard app, as well as in our own code (which uses the callback interface to receive frames).

Perhaps there is a bug in the auto-exposure algorithm? Has there been a fix in a recent driver- or firmware update that maybe I haven’t seen yet?

I just did another test where I started at my desk: all is fine. Then when I move to the window and look at the building across the street: so far so good. But then when the (overcast / cloudy) sky starts to fill the image to > 30%, the phenomenon occurs (similar to walking outside in sunlight). So it’s not just that starting in very bright conditions causes it, it can also happen when moving from moderate to bright conditions.

Any ideas as to what is going on / how to solve this?